Announcement Statement

Announcement Statement

Ezidi Youth Network – EYN

For decades, the Ezidi community has been confronted with numerous conflicts affecting their lives and liberties. The 2014 genocide by ISIS resulted in the plain destruction of the societal fabric of the Ezidi community. In order to revitalize and empower the society Farida Global Organization and Voice of Ezidis are thrilled to announce the establishment of the Ezidi Youth Network (EYN).

EYN aims at helping youth develop their bright ideas and transform them into actions to build a fairer society, and supporting them in their leadership role to address challenging conditions. This will allow youth to effectively contribute and enhance their capability to produce changes in their communities. Participation in EYN has many characteristics for the youth themselves, as well as for the society. One of the many advantages of a membership is that the network provides young people with a forum to fully, effectively deal with issues that are especially important to youth. 

EYN seeks to provide practical volunteering opportunities, exchange of experiences and partnerships with youth and student groups from international communities to share awareness about our ongoing genocide and to build a sustainable network standing in solidarity with our efforts. We also support youth to be a part of transforming our world and supporting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, these UN SDGs will be at the core of our work.

The Sinjar Youth Center (SYC) will gather all the individuals centers spread into the Sinjar region to create a collaborative effort to revive the region after the genocide. This aims at fostering cooperation between all the centers and moves towards the general social benefit of the region. 

We believe that youth can have a tremendous impact on society and that the background, situation of Ezidi story of struggle is unique and the commitment of its youth can be a valuable example to other communities who live in ongoing suffering as we do. Whether you are a young or youthful, or simply someone concerned about your community, we motivate you to participate actively to reach the endeavours Ezidi Youth Network with its core principles of: empowerment, positivity, cooperation, respect and diversity to fulfill following objectives: 

  • Building a network of young people locally and internationally that will enable them to underline their needs and requirements to serve society. 
  • Advocating to promote and enhance gender equality, young people’s ideas, youth activism and women rights.
  • Giving young people the voice they deserve and helping them reach their full potential in decision-making and leadership roles.
  • Building a joint platform as space to share insights and ideas in order to create a plan.
  • Connecting young people with opportunities to transform their lives that would also help to promote social change in their societies. 
  • Helping young people create a sense of cooperation and unity within the society. 
  • Motivating people to better participate in developing community programs. 
  • Promoting coexistence, cohesion and peace.

We are grateful to have with us in this Network each of:

  1. Ancient Tel-Qasib Youth Center 
  2. Burek Youth Center
  3. Dhola Youth Center 
  4. Dukory Future Group 
  5. Gohbal Youth Center
  6. Group Borek Almostagbal
  7. Hardan Youth Center
  8. Hatmia Youth Center
  9. Rambosy Youth Center
  10. Sibay Youth Center
  11. Tel-Banat Youth Center
  12. Tel-Ezer Youth Center
  13. Tel-Qasib Youth Center
  14. Wardiya Youth Center 
  15. Zorava Youth Center
  16. Sinuni Youth Center
  17. Bahrava Youth Representative 
  18. Karsy  Youth Representative 
  19. Kirzark Youth Representative 
  20. Gurmiz Youth Representative 

If you are part of a Youth Center and you are interested to be part of our Ezidi Youth Network, please reach out to us 

If you are an individual that is interested in membership with Ezidi Youth Network, please apply through this form: 

Ezidi Youth Center

12 September 2020